Top designer reveals the four big mistakes women make with their fashion choices

A renowned fashion designer has revealed the four big mistakes women make with their fashion choices – including prioritising style over comfort.

Irish designer Paul Costelloe, 77, has said that many women wear heels to certain events, but should not be conformed to wear something they are not comfortable in, report RSVP live.

The Dublin native, who is notable for his luxury handbags, jewellery and clothing, has gone on to develop an affluent and well-recognisable brand.

He has even gone on to create wear concepts for major sports teams and major multi-national brands including British Airways, Delta Airlines and the Irish Olympic Team.

The fashion tycoon has now gone on to share the biggest mistakes he sees women making when it comes to getting dressed up.

While he has noted that fashion has changed so much since he started his career – as “anything goes” now – it is still possible to get things wrong, for example, by wearing something that’s too daring and doesn’t suit you.

Speaking about why it is important to make sure you wear the right clothes for your shape and figure, the fashion mogul said: “Any trend can look good, if you’re the right person to put it on.

“Look at yourself in the mirror, wait until you get home before you try something on.

“Don’t shop when you’re tired, make sure it’s a quiet time in the store or go online. Think about your purchase.”

Paul added that it is often the case that women prioritise style over comfort, but you shouldn’t wear something you’re not comfortable in.

He said:”I think people wearing stiletto heels when they can’t walk in them…You see them struggling along at the Curragh race track or at a function.

“All they want to do is take their shoes off and go back to normal! Don’t allow fashion to dictate your comfort, because if you’re uncomfortable you won’t enjoy yourself.

“If you’re uncomfortable in heels, just wear trainers! I think trainers are great. Just be true to yourself.”

The fashionista, who has dressed the likes of Princess Diana and Vogue Williams, previously said that he’s not a fan of knee-high boots.

He said: “I think some of these knee-high boots with a semi-heel can be a little bit awkward looking unless you can really walk well in them.

“When they’re just below the knee, it just sits there and doesn’t really do anything for the person. I think they have to have a really good walk and be very very special.”