Inside the haunted street so spooky you have to sign a waiver to move there

A haunted street was once so spooky people had to sign a waiver to move there.

The scenario may sound like something taken from a horror film, but it actually happened on unassuming council estate.

A poltergeist tormented families in a row of homes on Wingates Grove, Bolton, Lancashire for years during the 1990s.

Manchester Evening News reports paranormal activity became so terrifying Bolton Council was forced to intervene but staff couldn’t come uo rational explanation for what was going on.

Due to it’s infamy, some maintenance workers reportedly refused to visit the street.

Eventually, priests from a local church got involved and carried out an exorcism.

Residents in the area say all supernatural activity has now ceased.

But years after the last reported ghostly goings-on, one resident was still made to sign a disclaimer form before moving into her home.

It began in 1993 when a family started experiencing bizarre activity and their toddler would talk to a ‘little man’ in his room and an oil-type substance would run down the walls.

The incidents reportedly baffled maintenance workers who could not determine the cause of the issues.

The family eventually contacted a local church and an exorcism was carried out at the address.

But five years later in 1999, a flurry of supernatural activity began again.

Just two doors down from the original haunted house, a family began experiencing strange disturbances.

‘Laura’ was 12-years-old when she moved into the property.

The now 34-year-old said she ‘knew’ something was wrong with the home as soon as the family arrived.

She said: “I begged my mum not to move in. I didn’t like the feel of it. I didn’t feel comfortable but when we got our stuff in, it faded a bit.

“When things started happening, my mum would say it was the ghost of my granddad

But I said it wasn’t. I just knew there was something there. I

“It felt like I was walking into someone’s personal space. I didn’t want to walk through the door.”

Laura recalls the first supernatural occurrence when was with her older brother and a friend.

The siblings decided to play a prank on their pal who was sleeping in the living room. As they ran back upstairs, her brother l screamed.

He had cut his foot open on a picture frame that was standing on the staircase.

It had been hanging on the wall just moments before and had not fallen down.

Laura said: “We had literally just walked on the stairs and if it fell it wouldn’t stand up.

“If he stood on it, it would have slipped. It was like a force was holding it in place. That was one of the first scary things that happened.”

Laura also recalls she waking at night and finding her brother’s girlfriend who was staying over, standing in her room, staring at her as she slept.”

She told her mum about the strange occurrence and 20 minutes later, her mum found her brother’s girlfriend “looking at her weirdly. (She said I did the exact same thing to her”

Dozens of dead crows were once found scattered around the front and back garden, including along a narrow passageway at the side of the property.

The sight traumatised her but was also spooked by a baby oil-type substance, similar to that found in the original haunted house.

She remembers it dripping down her bedroom walls, causing her posters to fall down.

A foul, sulphur smell likened to rotting eggs would also fill the property and some council maintenance workers refused to visit the address because of its reputation.

She added: “My nephew used to speak to someone and called them ‘Big Guy’

“He would sit there in the corner of the room babbling away. When asked who he was talking to, he would say Big Guy. He kept doing it in the same place and would point right up to the corner.”

Laura also remembers hearing he door open thinking it was her brother returning from work and heard a set of keys placed on the hook and footsteps into the kitchen.

But he still hadn’t gone upstairs 20 minutes later and she thought he may have been making food.

Laura said: “As I got to the top of the stairs, I saw him.

“I asked him if he had just gone back out. He said he had literally just got home and his taxi was driving off.

“I ran downstairs and said someone was in the house. But no one was in the kitchen and the keys were still in the door. We heard it; it was really clear. We knew the sound of it.”

She moved out when she was 16-years-old but the street continues to haunt her to this day.

These days, there are no reports of ghostly activity on the street.

Caron Walton, who now lives in the house, says she has ’no problem’ with the property’s history.

She bought the home in 2006 and had to sign a disclaimer before she moved into the address.

It specified that she was not allowed to use a Ouija board or perform any other type of black magic at the address and could notmove into the home if she had young children.

Caron said: “I understand there was something going on there,”

“It used to jump from there, to the house next door to here.

“I had to sign a disclaimer saying I wouldn’t use a Ouija board or do black magic or anything dark. They wanted me to sign a slip of paper. I quite liked it.